Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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We launched our first of hosting service in 2008. We got a lot of experiences since them. The current business started in jul 2013.
The money back garantee is deleted. Instead you can subscription 1 month every single product and if you want more you paid the next month if you don't want more the system automatic delet the product what you subscripted.
Yes, We can. Please contact me, and you can request a free or reduced cost trial. You can try our webhosting service with Freeweb SSD package. Please see my Promotions page to our current public promotions.
Yes, we do usually. We setup the free services immediatelly, and most service after we receive your payment. But some service required manual interaction, or we request some document from you. Therefore, we can deliver some services within 24 hours. Examples: servers, VPSs, CDNs, .HU domains...
We accept a PayPal and a credit card via PayPal and a bank transfer. You can topup credit to your account for your future purchase.
Yes, we can. Please contact our and send the details of your order.
We provide a wide range of the internet and security solutions. If do you don't find your exact product or service, please ask us via chat or contact form.
If do you like a sort help, can contact us via chat service. But you have a problem please send me a support ticket, and we will resolv your problem or contact you sortly.


Yes, you can get a secret link, if the main domain name of the web hosting concatenate with the name of the the server and th domain. For example, if your domain is the default.domain and name of the hosting server is panel1 then your secret link is
If you don't set a web alias on VestaCP panel, you don't get any automated secret link.
Some traffic fees is charged if your site high-traffic. Read the prospectus. We charge a traffic fee if your site have a high traffic.
Unfortunately, not until you pay off in full of your bill of expired.
If you cancel your subscription, your data will erased then end of the current payment cycle. If you have a leeway in your account then the due date of your first unpaid after 90 days.
We don't store. We will delete complete.
Yes, you will have the opportunity to see by the order.
Yes, our every services are professional.

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