About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

Small company but you can contact our directly.

Gergely Lonyai

Company Director

Professional sysadmin with business experience. He can resolve any computer problem.

Adam White

Graphics Professional

Young, talented... He's drawing anything to you.

Gabor Garami

Chief Technologies Officer


Free Position

Marketing & Sale Officer

Do you interrest the Internet security and the online business support? Our sales position is free. You can be our sales team mate, now! Send us your CV, and your preferred share.

Our Values

Simplicity, transparent, reliable.

Please contact us, if you need more informations.


We use only qualited items in my services


We provide guaranteed performances to your.


We have guaranteed SLA from every provider (electricity, serverooms...)


We use and provide latest technologies


We have a high performance, a high SLA with an adorable cost


This is the most important features. We don't enable any insecure components

Our Location

40 Bloomsbury Way
Lower Ground Floor
London, WC1A 2SE
United Kingdom

Email: info@beonnet.co.uk

Phone: +44 5603073502

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